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Gothenburg, Sweden

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a short history

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a short history

My experience in the audio business goes all the way back to 1964
when I put together my first mixer at the age of twelve.
It hade three microphone inputs and one mono output, build with
germanium transistors and based on an article in a electronics magazine.
I sold this mixer to typical (in these days) guitar pop band,
I also constructed speaker cabinets and rebuilt old big tube radios
to guitar amps for this type of band.

  When I was fifteen years old I started my first audio company,
and continued to build PA and guitar amps, mostly with tube circuits.
I also started repairing sound systems, electric organs and instruments.

  Around 1968 I began setting up a recording studio based on a Revox G36
and a Tandberg 64 tape recorder, both modified to 15 inch speed.
As console I have a homebuilt tube mixer with six mike inputs
and great feature like volume, bass, treble and echo send on each channel.
I hade this mixer connected to an small Uher five channel stereo mixer,
so I could pan the mike mixer and have four flat instrument input left.
The outboard equipments was a Gibs spring reverb unit in combination
with a Dynacord S62 tape echo machine, one Telefunken M221
condenser mike, and also some Sennheiser MD421 and Shure 545 dynamic mikes .

Since those early days I have constructed and build lots of
mixing consoles and various audio equipments.
I have worked in most fields in professional audio like sound reinforcement
for music clubs, live stage, theatre, film, recording studios and the broadcast industry.
I have also worked as a recording engineer for several years,as well
as teaching sound and recording techniques together with my old friend Ĺke Eldsäter.

Bo Hansén
july 2006

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