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my first young years

As a little child, I was very fascinated about technical things. If I got something that could be used as a screwdriver, then everything fell appart that stuck with screws in my childhood home.
When I got slightly older, I became curious about what was inside the radio, record player, phone, vacum cleaner and similar exiting divices, many time to my parents dismay.
When I was 9-10 years old, my parents understood my interest in electronic things, and my dad came home with broken radio sets he got from the radio shop. I picket them apart and played with them.
Instead of toys that other children wished for Christmas and birthday presents, I wanted tools and soldering iron, and of course more broken radios.

Around 1962 I was lucky as a young boy to meet my first mentor Herbert "Hubbe" Forsblom. He had a radio & TV store with a service workshop in the neighborhood where I lived.
Herbert also built 50-150 watts guitar/PA amps with speaker boxes containing four or six Philips AD5200M 12" speakers, which made him very popular among the pop-bands in the Gothenburg area in the 1960s.
To name a few bands like The Spotnicks, (when Bo Winberg didn't have time to build himself) The Flashman, The Spaceman, The Spaces, The Flintstones/Jackpots, The Streaples, Apaches, Tages/Blonds.
It was a very useful and educational time for me at this young age to be able to watch and help him with simpler things as he built these amplifiers and speaker equipment. I´m very grateful for this time and remember it with great happiness.
Many musicans I met during this time have been my customers up to day 50 years later.

My first experience in the audio business goes all the way back to 1964 when I put together my first mixer at the age of thirteen year old.
The mixer hade three microphone inputs with volume controls and one mono output. It was build with AC151 germanium transistors and based on an article in a electronics magazine.
I sold this mixer to typical (in those days) guitar pop bands as they wanted to get more inputs on a small amplifier.
I also rebuilt old radios to guitar amps for this type of bands. These where old big AM tube radios with 8" speakers. Some of them had more speakers and push-pull amps up to 10 watts with some luck.
The following years I built speaker boxes with 10" and 12" speakers for local pop bands and I also started making my own
50 watt tube amps mostlyfrom Mullard and Dynaco circuit examples. They were more or less successful, but in the end managed well.

1967 when I was sixteen years old I started my first company "Orkesterservice Hansén & Co" 
together with two older friends. We continued to build guitar and PA amps, mostly with tube circuits.
We also
began to sett up a recording studio based on an Ampex 960, Revox G36 and a Tandberg 64.
Thy Were all "home tape recorders" but I modified them to 15 inch speed.
The console was a homebuilt tube mixer in mono with six microphone inputs having volume, bass, treble and echo send controls on each channel.
This mixer was connected to a small Uher A122 five channel stereo mixer. By doing so I had the opportunity to pan the mic mixer with the only input that had a pan-pot and still  have four (two left and two right) flat line inputs for other things.
The outboard equipments was a Gibbs spring reverb unit in combination with a Dynacord S62 tape echo machine,
one Telefunken M221 condenser mic, an AKG D12 a Beyer M260, Sennheiser MD421 and Shure 545 dynamic types.
The monitors were a pair of
Wharfedale Dovedale speakers and homebuilt copies of Dynaco mark-3 power amps.
The studio was housed in an old warehouse in central Gothenburg that would later be demolished to make room for a new shopping centre.
The acoustics were made with lardge "egg cartons" glued to the walls and gave a little absortion in the upper register,
but it looked cooler than just curtains.

A few years later around 1969 we had to move from the studio in the warehouse because it would be demolished.
We now opened a small music store and I also started repairing sound systems, electric organs and instruments for musicans and music stores.
Discotheque started to become big in Gothenburg at this time, so I also did disco equipment and installations.
In connection with this I also became involved in developing early music controlled light systems "color light organs" together with Sture Rönnbäck, who later started AVAB, a company that became world famous for theater lighting systems.

Now we are in the 1970s, when I have got a driving license and a car and everything is spinning like never before.

1970s my most crative time

For various reasons, the former company and partnership hade changed and I now stood on my own.
My company now was BH-Ljud (Bo Hansén Ljudteknik) and I hade completely switched ower to reparing audio equipment for 
musicans and music stores

The time was the beginning of Sweden's hejday for dance bands and the need for lardge PA system was constantly increasing.
To meet the need for lardge speakers, I together with a handy friend build a trial series of 20 copies of Altec A7 "Voice of the Theatre". 
The speakers were equiped with 511B treble horns, more powerfull 15" bass speakers, custom cross-over filter, and built in tour sutiable cabinet.
These speaker systems become very popular with the dance bands so there were a lot more of them manufactured, and I also built them in other versions for cinemas and discotheque.
We also performed some spectacular rentals with these speaker systems for airplane and parachuting showcasing at lardge airfields.

At this time, I also had the great fortune to meet my second mentor, Per Thuresson who ran his company Audex, producing guitar and PA- amplifiers.
I have Per to tank for the most I know about solidstate amplifier design. Per was a very talent designer who did not copy other manufacturers products as he did everything from the ground and from his own head. Unfortunately this is quite unusal in our industry.
We started a long-term partnership where we also had our companies in the same house. We had an own big house that we rented together and where I also lived.
In addition to my own business, I helped Audex develop new products such as mixing consoles, lardge speaker systems and much more.
I was also involved in the production of amplifiers regarding adjustments and final tests.

In the mid 1970s, I also started working as a recording engineer again, often as stand-in at some of studios in Gothenburg.
These where also studios where I normally did maintenance on the equipment.
I also built my own studio in the basement of the house where I had the company. I had the control room in the second floor in the apartment where I lived.
My equipment was a home-built solid state mixing console, Scully 8 track and 2 track tape recorders, Urei 1176 limiters, Master Room reverb, Neumann tube microphones and much more.
This was a time of many creative design ideas, I built lots of microphone preamps, equalizers, DI-boxes, and other recording equipment, including my "Active DI-box 1975" which I released on the internet in 2004 as a DIY project. It has been built in masses around the world since then.

In 1976 I met Ĺke Eldsäter when I did equipment maintenance in Bohus Grammofon Studio in Kungälv town just outside Gothenburg.
Ĺke had recently started there as a recording engineer. We didn't know each other before because he had previously moved here from Stockholm where he had worket at Metronome Studio.
I also started as a recordning engineer in this studio to relive Ĺke sometimes when there was a lot to do.
We become good friends and because he partly worket with acoustics, we offered our services in both acoustics and electronics for the entire recording industry inSweden.
In the late 1970s when Bohus Grammofon built the new large studio. We were both very involved in this as well, but it was designed by Tom Hidley, Westlake Audio USA.

I and Ĺke got more and more studio service and installation projects, so we also sold a lot of equipment on a consultant basis. This led us to talk about starting a company together.

1980s the Stage & Studio AB epoch

To be continued.........
In the process of writing

1990s reorganization, new forces and Hansén Audio

To be continued.........
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The 20th Century, the broadcast years and then back to the roots

To be continued.........
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2016 finally retirement

To be continued.........
In the process of writing