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condenser microphones

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Neumann M149
Level modification, gain
switch in 5 step
+12, +6, 0, -6, -12 dB
0dB= same as U67
output level
Neumann M149 modification inside.jpg (308908 byte) Neumann U67
Recapped and renovated
Capsule cleaned


6x Neumann U67.JPG (1641893 byte)





Neumann M269
Recapped and renovated
Capsule cleaned

Neumann M269.jpg (196559 byte)

Neumann U87i
Capsule cleaned

Neumann U87i.jpg (185123 byte)



Neumann U47 fet
Recapped and renovated
Capsule cleaned
Neumann U47fet.jpg (227623 byte) Neumann M49
AC701 tube change
Neumann M49.JPG (900793 byte)


Neumann M149
Changed to -12 dB lower
output level.
(same as U67 o/p level)
Neumann M149.JPG (1818741 byte) Neumann U47
Repaired and renovated.
New tube socket, caps and some resistors


Neumann U47 HS2.jpg (339092 byte)



Neumann U47
Repaired, renovated and
restored after someone┤s
poor work.
New power resistor, caps, V14 tube and transformer
U47 mounted PK.jpg (254909 byte) Neumann KM54
Fixed contact and ground fault.
New transformer coupling capacitor


Neumann KM54.jpg (82030 byte)




Neumann KM56
Fixed contact and ground fault.
New transformer coupling capacitor
Neumann KM56.jpg (101977 byte) Schoeps CMT56
Schoeps CMT56.jpg (189129 byte)


Pearl, Milab DC73
Milab DC73.jpg (346088 byte) Nevaton MC51
Circuit bord replacement
Nevaton MC51.jpg (359408 byte)



Cleaned capsule
Take care of "motorboating" problem in hyper cardioid pattern mode
AKG C414EB.jpg (181782 byte) AKG C414EB-P48
Cleaned capsule
AKG C414P48.JPG (571724 byte)


AKG C451EB, C452EB
AKG 451EB, 452EB.jpg (706512 byte) AKG C535EB
AKG C535EB.JPG (1270451 byte)


Neumann SM69
AC701 tube change
Neumann SM69.JPG (865327 byte) Neumann TLM170
DC-DC converter repair
Neumann TLM170.JPG (902798 byte)


Manley Reference Gold
Manley Reference Gold.JPG (920827 byte) Thuresson CM402
Thuresson CM402.JPG (1000570 byte)


AKG C61.JPG (511348 byte) AKG C414ULS
Body frame repair
AKG C414ULS frame rep..jpg (326040 byte)  


Neumann U87
Old version
Neumann U87 old.JPG (938346 byte) Neumann U87Ai
Newer SMD amp version.
Down grade to single JFET transistor version.
Neumann U87Ai new.jpg (262684 byte)


HansÚn HCM101
In 2004, 50 of these were
heavily modified.
Better front end and output amp, add voltage regulator, changed gain structure and much more
HCM 101 body.jpg (268990 byte)  HCM 101 pc-cards.JPG (972742 byte)

  HCM 101 inside.jpg (1300751 byte)  HCM 101 in-outside.jpg (1181767 byte) lots of HCM101.jpg (171042 byte)


AKG C12VR.jpg (583416 byte) AKG C414EB-P48
An experiment to mount a newer C414XLS capsule with four rubber cords instead of the original capsule with two screws.
AKG C414P48 capsule mod.jpg (537813 byte)
Sela T24

A Swedish made mike with angled M7 capsule intended to hang down from a mike boom for film recording.
Sela T24.jpg (684350 byte)

power supply

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Neumann U47
power supply
Totally rebuilt and renovated
Neumann NG47 HS.jpg (267347 byte) Telefunken M940
U47 power supply
Reissue version, poorly mounted caps, fixed
TFK M940.jpg (351189 byte)

TFK 940 modif..jpg (349796 byte)


N52a power supply
Replacement of "stabbelyt" in heater section,
new IC-regulator
Neumann N52a.jpg (299166 byte) Neumann NU67
U67 power supply
Neumann NU67.JPG (1297088 byte)

Neumann NU67 pcb back.JPG (1419596 byte)



dynamic microphones

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Unfortunately very hard to find new spare membrane
to day
AKG D12.jpg (360111 byte) Beyer M260
Good sounding vocal miniature ribbon.
Fragile to fail on the floor, as the glued magnetas
loosen and squeeze the ribbon
Beyer M260.jpg (247807 byte)


Golden Age R1 ribbon
Changing transformer to a better Lundahl type
Golden Age R1.jpg (1180140 byte) Sennheiser MD407
Convert to 200 ohm balanced.
New cable and XLR connector
Sennheiser MD407.jpg (495775 byte)


Sennheiser MD21 and MD421
Total repair and restoration.
Also modification from the "HN" version to normal
200 ohms balanced
connector pinout
Sennheiser MD21, MD421.jpg (193797 byte) Sennheiser MD421
Convert the old Tuchel
to a XLR connector.
Also remove the old "magnetic" bass cut filter,
it influence the sound quality even in the "M music mode"
Sennheiser MD421, connector mod..jpg (75325 byte)


Shure 545S and 545SD
The classic versions from 1960/70s
R45 cartridge/capsule replacement
Shure 545S, 545SD.jpg (164316 byte) Lot of old Shure capsules
Broken from repaired microphones
Shure capsules.jpg (269458 byte)


Sennheiser MD421
Convert the old Tuchel
to a XLR connector.
MD21 XLR mod.jpg (224087 byte)


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