HansÚn Audio
Gothenburg, Sweden

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pro audio services

this page promised services no longer exists
because the company has retired and
is no longer active

the information remins for historical purposes



mixing console module service

outboard equipment upgrade and modifications

picture gallery repaired and restored equipment

custom made products


mixing console module service
repair, maintenance, restoration
"re-capping, re-chipping"


TSM, Series-80, Series-70, Trimix, Fleximix, Series-65, 75, VFM
also rack units CB-9146 compressor/limiter and CB-9066 parametric EQ

Triad / Trident
A-Range, B-Range

Amek, TAC
Angela, Magnum, Matchless, Scorpion

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outboard equipment upgrade and modifications
"re-capping, re-chipping" and modifications
for better performance and sonic quality

Amek 9098 mike amp and 9098 EQ

Focusrite Red 1 and 8 mike amps

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contact me for more information

Bo HansÚn

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