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spare parts for tape recorders
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mixing consoles

no items for the moment

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spare parts for mixing consoles

Neotek Esprit
some parts also fit to Essence and Encore
(maybe also Elite and Elane)

  all parts are new, and never used

  1 pcs.  Neotek Esprit stereo input module

  10 pcs.  EQ potentiometers,  spec. concentric 3 gang with pull-up switch.
10  PAN pots. (20k dual)
10 pcs.  AUX 1-2, stereo eq, and others (100k dual)
20 pcs.  AUX 3-8 pots. (100k single)
20 pcs.  Balance/pan, (20k dual log/rev.log)
10  Mic-gain (5k reverse log)
2 pcs. Monitor/studio level (100k dual, big shaft)

  40 pcs. switches in different size.

  Total price for all above 750 Euro plus freight

Input module for BEL 16T console  150 Euro

MCI 2001 op amps  25 Euro

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tape recorders

no items for the moment

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spareparts for tape recorders

Studer A80 PC-cards

1.080.380-11  spooling motor contactors
1.080.393-12  memoary and counter
1.080.396-11  attunator and preamp
1.080.801-13  record driver
1.080.805-11 repro/sync preamp
1.080.808-11  sync preamp
1.080.882-11  bias amp (2 pcs.)
1.080.833-11  spooling motor control
1.080.885-11  playback amp (4 pcs.)
1.080.887-11  VU-meter board (no meter include)
1.080.888-11  stabilizer audio
1.080.92 small EQ plug-in cards
mono pair playb/rec NAB 7,5/15"
1.080.92 small EQ plug-in cards
stereo pair playb/rec CCIR 7,5/15"

miscellaneous Studer parts

A new complete editing stamp, without the cutter unit for A80 1/4" machine

Studer A-101 small hybrid amps, for A80/B62

Ampex parts

Ampex AG-440 capstan motor p/n: 4590121-01/A, 117v/50Hz 

Scully 280 parts

inductor, part no. 162121
inductor, part no. 505110701
inductor, part no. 505110702
Bias trap filter
photo resistors

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outboard equipments

ART mod. 172 one third octave equalizer 
100 Euro

Dolby 362 unit with CAT-22 modules  200 Euro

2 pcs. Tascam DX-4D noise reduction  100 Euro each

BEL BC3-2TJ, 2 channel noise reduction unit  100 Euro

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loudspeakers, amps and speaker parts

Genlec 1031 spare bass speaker (6 mounting holes)  100 Euro

Yamaha JA-518A (JA051800) orginal spare dome tweeter for NS-10M  100 Euro

2 pcs. JBL spare diaphragm 8 ohm, for 2246/47 2" driver, used but ok  150 Euro together

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miscellaneous & spareparts

Dual line amplifier card, Studer 1.915.904.81  200 Euro

Noise reduction module for BEL BC3-8TJ rack unit  50 Euro

2 pcs. Dolby M16H remote  20 Euro each

Extension cable 10 m. for Otari MX-5050 remote  100 Euro

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PA & DJ equipments

AVAB sound level guardian 
200 Euro

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Bo HansÚn